Seems un-American.
No Beer, No Smoking. What's Next?
By Kickntrue on 8/19/08
I found a course that is voting to ban beer sales. Another that has banned on-course smoking. What's this world coming to?

No Drinking
No Smoking

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golfgirl says:
That's understandable. What do you think golf is supposed to
ForeKris says:
drinking on the course... good! smoking on the course... fine.

just don't drop your butts on the course... especially around the green.
TimmyBede says:
Enjoying a cold beer while playing golf is an integral part in my golfing experience. I image I wouldn't play golf on a course that doesn't sell beer.
Josh says:
That's a bit strange, I'm certain this would have pretty hefty financial ramifications for the course.
birdieXris says:
I don't really drink when i'm playing -- mostly because i walk the course and in this heat it's not really a good idea. I HAVE been known to smoke a cigar every now and again though. I don't leave the butt on the ground though like i see everywhere. I usually pour some water from my waterbottle on it until it's out then trash it (if i even finish it LOL). I don't see banning smoking and drinking to be a good thing for the golf courses bottom line NOR do i see it being good for the golfers. They have to make up for the revenue somewhere and that probably means fees are going to go up and maybe even the price of refreshments.

I think imposing stiffer penalties for littering on the course (butts and whatnot) is a better idea but that means someone would have to police the course and most places don't have any marshals on duty anyway.
PapaJoe says:
This is such an easy matter of opinion to settle. DON'T PLAY GOLF AT ANY OF THOSE COURSES!!! They will change their mind.
falcon50driver says:
No gum chewing, no laughing, no snapping your fingers, no hats, no talking, no looking around......
Ben Crane says:
No practice swings either, merlin. Gotta do something to rectify the slow play.
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