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FedEx Cup Playoffs This Week
By Kickntrue on 8/20/08
Could there be any less hype for a playoff in a (almost) major sport? I feel like the Arena League Football playoffs had more pub. I guess that's what happens when you're forced to go against Michael Phelps and the whole Olympics thing.

To try to get you a little pumped- I thought I'd show you this picture on the right (Enjoy!). To try to get you a little more involved in caring or at least aware of an interesting situation- I am linking to an interesting story I read on why this week's Barclays will be held at Ridgewood Country Club instead of Westchester Country Club. The PGA has had a 41 year relationship with Westchester, but things have gone sour.

It is a little longer (read: real story, not blog entry), but if you are a king of useless knowledge and trivia like I am you'll enjoy it. It's actually almost funny- to read how douchy Westchester Country Club members were being. Basically, the weren't willing to give up their rights as members for one week- to host a PGA Tour event. They thought the demands by the PGA were "extraordinary" for the purposes of getting out of the pre-existing contract. The requests/demands- that club members would not play tennis on the courts adjacent to the course and that the PGA players would have access to the upstairs locker room without having to share it with members.

Wow... those PGA Tour people are bastards.

Full Story - Sam Weinman

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