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So You Think You Can ... Design
By Kickntrue on 8/20/08
Talk about wish granted... In boredom, how many times have you started sketching golf holes on a napkin or scratch pad? Oh, that's just me?

Pete Dye and the PGA are looking for you. They are running a contest in which a winners created hole will be used in a new Pete Dye design. It's actually a pretty awesome idea, though the entry requirements are a little stiff. You aren't going to win with a rough sketch. The requirements state that you need to
"illustrate yardages, tee box, fairway, green and other elements, with a clear scale and topography of the hole. The various elevation levels and angles of the hole should be noted, along with a description of landscaping and other design/environmental factors."
The winning hole will be part of the new AT&T Canyons Course at TPC San Antonio which is scheduled to open in 2010. Sweet! I'm going to win.

Entry Form
Found via Brent Kelley, About Golf

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