Even Tiger Can't Spoof Jesus And Get Away With It
By Kickntrue on 8/20/08
This EA Sports ad must have been filmed awhile ago since Tiger can barely walk right now. Maybe it was a bad idea... Last year's Tiger Woods video game seemed to have a glitch where you could have Tiger stand on water and hit a shot. Some people posted the glitch on YouTube and EA Sports decided to make this year's advertising a spoof of that viral video. What Tiger didn't seem to count on was the wrath of God. I like a good spoof as much as the next person but maybe next time Tiger will pick on someone mortal and he won't wind up on the DL.

Via Deadspin.com

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falcon50driver says:
If he's that good, Why did he hit it off the fairway in the first place?
birdieXris says:
hahaha yea.
ephraim says:
Of course... Jesus still won, becuase Tiger grounded his club in a hazard and has to take a two stroke penalty.
falcon50driver says:
If Daly got penalized for putting a towel down to avoid getting his slacks dirty, "building a stance" Then why don't players get penalized for taking off their shoes and sox to hit out of hazards, Aren't they building a stance?
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