Has there ever been a 5-way playoff?
What Would They Do?
By Kickntrue on 8/24/08
Vijay is seconds away from winning The Barclays in a 3-way playoff that seemed won by Sergio. It did make me wonder- what would they do if there was a 5 person playoff? I assume they wouldn't put them all in the same group would they?

Does anyone know how that would work?

Also- has anyone ever seen a drop do to burrowing animals? What a weird finish.

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jerdman says:
I remember watching a six man playoff in the 2001 Nissan Open. It was crazy seeing that many pros playing the same hole in a sudden death format. Robert Allenby won on the first hole with a birdie. With the stakes that high, it took them about 30 minutes just to play it.
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