The High Roller Card
By Kickntrue on 8/25/08 will be represented at the World Amateur Handicap Championships in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, from August 25-29. Due to a scheduling conflict, Kevin and I couldn't go so we found the next best thing. John McDowell operates Rocky Spring Golf Course in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and he has agreed to make the trip down to Myrtle Beach on our behalf and log reports of all the going-ons.

The High Roller Card

I am not sure things could have gone any better today. The alarm went off early and the wife and I arose from the Egyptian cotton sheets, reluctantly, but feeling like we'd had enough sleep for the 8 hour trek from Southcentral PA to Myrtle Beach. After making sure all the clothes were secure in the suitcase, I checked and doubled my clubs, balls, Skycaddie, towels, raingear, tees and clubs once again. After packing the trunk we hit the road. I prefer not to stop driving until we hit the big E on the fuel gauge. However, my wife was traveling with me so I figured we would be stopping before we got to the inters tate, which is only three miles from the house. Our first stop was about 5 hours into the trip. We filled the tank with gas and filled our stomachs with Subway.

After arriving at the convention center I checked in with the tournament registration folks who directed me to the tournament director, Dave MacPherson. After Dave hooked my wife and I up with passes we proceeded to the convention hall where the "world's largest 19th hole" takes place each night during the tournament. Many of the manufactures tents were set up at a make shift driving range at one end of the hall and the PGA Tour Superstore was located at the other end. The most popular area of all was the two lines with signs above that read "enter here for goodie bags". As we walked thru the line with our shopping bags open, the volunteers filled them with "goodies" which included, but was not limited to: limited time coupons for golf equipm ent, hard candy that tastes like coffee, bumper stickers, a sleeve of Bridgestone balls and a World AM towel, hat and shirt and last but not least and definitely one of my favorites was the free stick of Mitchum Smart Solid deodorant.

We left the convention center and went to the Sheraton to check in. My wife requested a king size bed after the front desk personal informed us that we had a room with two doubles. On our way up the elevator, the fellow in the "people mover" with us, upon our request, kept hitting the 11th floor button which would light up and then go dark. At that point, I remembered the guy at the front desk telling us that we would need to use our card key to access the 11th floor. As I inserted the card the guy in the elevator with us mumbled "gotta have the high roller card to get up there". After grabbing a seafood platter at Broadway at the Beach I slipped over the Martin's PGA Tour Superstore. After almost 4 years of searching I finally found a cover for my Scotty Cameron Putter. Either this is the beginning of a great week, or that may be the best thing that happens all week, we'll know in less than 18 hours.

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