Fall Expo Update
By Kickntrue on 8/26/08
We are alive and kicking at the PGA Fall Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are a couple pictures of our booth.

The show floor.

Kevin looking odd in our booth.

We'll try to get a couple more pictures later.

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new2golf says:
I think you need a couple near naked women to attract folks to the booth. Amiright?
theredmission says:
Where's the iphone display to show off oobmobile?
klangdon says:
what you don't think i attrack folks to the booth?
theredmission says:
hmmm, I'll say its you guys being more 'computer' than sales oriented people. ;)
enviroman22 says:
Sweet. I'll go as a rep next year?
jerdman says:
Hand out cookies, and they will come.
Eddy Whitaker says:
free stuff works for me..seriously..try it..i'll do a lot for free food
hogan72 says:
what's on that map behind you?
Kickntrue says:
That is every golf course in the US represented by a dot- like our course finder. There is actually no "map" on the canvas- just dots. It forms a nice image though. You can dl a view for your desktop of a similar map here- www.oobgolf.com/content/site+updates/1-1338-Cour
NickMdet says:
I tried to get in guys, but they are more strict than I thought! Oh well, get at me for that round of golf I said I'd hook you 2 up with
Breezy says:
It would be a good idea to display a mobile phone with oobmobile on it. Let the customers enter scores on each hole and let them see there score sheet update on the website. Great feature that seperates you from your competitors. I can't stop using it. They will also get hooked.
Kickntrue says:
Nick- You should've told us you were coming. We could've got you in easy. We are around all day tomorrow yet. Shoot us a note- we'll meet up.

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