Poor Rich Guys Got Fired...
By Kickntrue on 8/27/08
Some guys in Boston are mad because they got fired. They are retired rich white guys. Am I supposed to feel bad?

Okay, okay... there is more to this story. It does sound like they were maybe treated badly, but doesn't an organization have the right to terminate employment for any reason? Just change their job description to "model" and say they were too ugly.

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birdieXris says:
wow, i have no words. Wait, yea i do. In fact i ran into this in reverse. I was looking for a job as a marshall and they told me they only hire retirees. maybe these guys should come around here. It sucks, but it's something that happens. They're going in a different direction. They'd rather have younger guys work longer hours and provide "better" service i guess. i think they should deal with it and move on. they're just mad they got canned right before the pros came.
Ward says:
where I'm at they don't even pay the marshals, they just give them free golf priveledges
kidputter says:
This is blatant discrimination. People in general respect older people more than younger. It sounds like the club wants to change their image for the cameras and the press. It's a crock and it will cost them dearly. Maybe not monetarily but thin of the bad publicity it is creating. You know there will be something said about it at the tourney.
furrier says:
Having read the article, I see NO indication these were "rich" guys. Further, I only see a picture of 1, and have NO indication of the race of the other 7. Sounds to me like you have more info or made a mighty jump to an insufficiently substantiated conclusion.
kidputter says:
Who mentioned race? From what I read, race was never brought up. It's AGE discrimination. Just because the guys got old is no reason to release them or not renew their contracts. Where are to go now? Wal-Mart?
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