Can A Mute Play In The LPGA?
By Kickntrue on 8/28/08
Multi-major Champ Padraig Harrington asks if a mute could play on the LPGA Tour. I'm wondering if he could... A lot of people are weighing in on this issue including a couple lawyers.

Padraig first,
"It is an amazing statement," Irishman Harrington told reporters ahead of this week's Deutsche Bank Championship.

"The person that brought it to my attention did ask: 'Does that mean if you're mute you can't play golf on the LPGA Tour?'

"Do you have to pass an exam? Who draws the line about how many words you've got to know in English?"
And the lawyers,
There are two primary avenues of legal assault to the LPGA's new policy, first: does the policy violate the civil rights laws of the LPGA's home stateGÇöFlorida; second: what does English proficiency mean as applied? It sounds simple but one test probably doesn't adequately demonstrate English proficiency. Will there be different standards for different ages? Different countries?
What a mess. Golfgirl said it right in our comments yesterday- it's really just a bad PR nightmare more than anything.

As far as how and why Padraig is weighing in on the matter... I guess he's the best and biggest player actually doing the golf thing right now- so there is that. Also- I think it's a little bit of fear. If the PGA Tour passed the same requirements, could Padraig even pass? I don't understand half the words he says.


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Off-Course Golf Rob says:
I think it's amazing that there are so many international women filling the top spots on the LPGA. It's a good thing. It bodes well for the growth of the game internationally. The simple solution to the language issue is to bring on a few freelance interpreters. They do it in the Tour De France with cyclist. And the French don't make language requirements. That would be crazy. I welcome to a new era of international influence and participation.
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