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My First Time In Vegas
By klangdon on 8/29/08
I'm safe and sound tucked back in my home in Maryland, but what a first time visit to Las Vegas. I'm not sure how people do it. I was in bed by 9pm every night (lame I know) but still didn't feel like I missed too much of the city. I mean, I'm sure I missed plenty, but some of that was on purpose. Easily the most intense part of the trip was the heat. I have been to Arizona before but not in August. Only once (in India) have I ever experienced heat like I did this week. Kevin and I wanted to go golfing yesterday but couldn't stand the heat (108 degrees). That's where this weekend's poll question came from. While I'd like to say there isn't a temperature I can't golf in- there was.

The Fall Expo was a cool experience and we'll have a lot to tell you about moving forward. We met some great companies and saw some interesting products we'll feature and review soon.

We caught the red eye last night couldn't sleep on the plane, had a 3 hour layover, then 2 hour trip home from the airport. Have a great weekend and we'll make this oob blogging thing happen again Monday. I'm pooped!

Any advice on Vegas and how to handle that city is greatly appreciated. Play golf this weekend- and donate to Patriot Golf Day, unless you have no heart.

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kidputter says:
108* and you're complaining? It's dry there. Arizona has been 99* and up since the end of May. Prime time on the course.
Vegas tip #1: See the sites first, gamble later.
Vegas tip #2: Buffets are great but restaurants off the strip are better.
Vegas tip #3: Tourists get taken. Act like you belong there.
Final tip: Don't book online. Call hotels direct and book entertainment through the hotel. Deals are better.
falcon50driver says:
Play a lot of blackjack, and the casino will comp everything for you , including golf.
sindigo says:
It a dry heat. Yeah...flames are dry too. :-) I try to tell people how hot it is here but they never believe me. Glad you had a good time here. Come back sometime (October - April) when you can enjoy being outside.
jerdman says:
I love the heat there in the summer. I played at the Paiute resort a few years ago in the middle of summer and it was 116. Had to drink a ton of water but the grip never suffered from sweaty hands.
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