Stupid Sexy Charity Event
By Kickntrue on 9/3/08
Bubba Watson as well as a couple other non-golf pro athletes participated in a charity event yesterday where they tried to hit a ball over the Mississippi River. Ok- fair enough premise. I remember a couple years ago John Daly tried to hit a ball over Niagra Falls. It was fun.. blah blah blah.

Now the stupid part- the point of the river they were trying to hit it over was 560 yards. Umm... did the organizers think this one through? I know Bubba Watson is long- but that's rediculous.

Full Story- Fanhouse

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mrtimb says:
6 months from now some country boy is going to bite into his piece of catfish and wonder wtf a ProV is doing in it.
kidputter says:
Did you notice in the video they were hitting INTO the wind, too. Fantastic planning.
golfgirl says:
I was waiting for something sexy to happen but fear I must have missed it...or maybe the sexy was just for SEO?

I'm confused.
Kickntrue says:
Haha- Sorry- that was a Simpson's joke. Homer always says, "Stupid Sexy ______" The best ever being in the episode where Flanders is skiing and Homer says, "Stupid Sexy Flanders." If I'm not mistaken, I think that is also the "Save me Jebus" episode.
PapaJoe says:
Me too "golfgirl". I guess maybe the sexy part was when the guy with his hat turned backward teed it up. Now that's sexy! Oh yeah, the camera also was able to work in one quick "butt shot" of the backwards hat guy. That must have been sexy, too. Or maybe the St. Louis Arch is some kind of sex symbol. Oh, my, oh, my. I guess we need to tune in to "" to see something really sexy. But those shots probably don't go as far!
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