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Are Pros Just Whiny Babies?
By Kickntrue on 9/4/08
More than any other year I can remember, PGA Tour professionals have been complaining about course setups.
"The way the U.S. Open has always been set up as the week gets on, the course gets firmer and faster, and the greens get ... they're not greens," he said. "They're browns. I've noticed that almost every week on Tour now that the golf courses change so much from Thursday to Sunday that's it's almost like you're not playing the same golf course. There was almost no grass on the green at 17. ... It's borderline, what do you want me to say, mini-golf, almost?"
This is just one example of almost identical statements that have been made week after week in 2008. Didn't Vijay still win last week at -20?

I guess the real question I have is what do we think? Clearly the people setting up the courses think that people want to see pros near par with both pars and bogies in play. Or would it be more fun to see the leaders on Sunday at -25 winning with birdies instead of par?


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kidputter says:
The pros should be able to adapt to however the course is presented to them. They're pros for pete's sake. Do they want every course to be set up the same way every tournament? Kinda like the baseball parks from the 70's. Cookie cutter courses for cookie cutter golf to shorten the tv time. Make it easier to break course records because that's what will draw fans. Phooey. Make em play with the conditions we play in.
furrier says:
"conditions we play in":
1-15 yr old set of clubs
2-extra 20 lbs of weight around the middle
3-local muni during a hot, dry summer
PapaJoe says:
I wish I could be a whiny baby and complain about the chance to win anywhere from $12,000 to a $1,000,000 a week using the best equipment in the world which I am PAID to play with, and wearing the top of the line clothes, which I am PAID to wear when I play. Of course those whiny babies usually are the top players in the world. What about the poor suckers who don't get all those million-dollar contracts and pay checks? Do you ever hear them whining or bitching? NO! They're out there trying to make a living and are not afforded the luxury of being able to bitch about course conditions. Suck it up you million dollar babies and play it as it lies!
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