Bellerive Country Club
PGA Tour Stop Reminds Of September 11
By Kickntrue on 9/4/08
The last time Bellerive Country Club near St. Louis was to host a PGA Tour event it was cancelled. That was September 12, 2001. I'm sure most of us can remember the exactly place and moment we were when we found at out the news and were glued to our tvs 7 years ago. For a lot of PGA Tour pros that place is being revisited for the first time.
"As soon as I got to the course, I went to the locker room and someone said, 'Quick, come watch on TV. Something has happened,'" Robert Allenby said. "The first plane had just hit the tower."

Golf never felt so meaningless.
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PapaJoe says:
When in that time of grief and solitude we, as individuals and a country, mourned for all those that died a senseless death, the terrorists who committed their cowardly acts died not the deaths of heroes and Muslims, but those of an idiotic faith of a senseless religious belief instilled by a sect of demons unlike those the world have ever known, their leaders, the Anti Christs of the world! Though they tried to destroy the beliefs of the free world and free thinkers of all that is pure and holy they did not succeed. On the upcoming anniversary of those darkest of days committed by those darkest of beliefs, let all of us, golfers, and non golfers alike, carry on our American way of life, and beliefs, to further show that we abhor and scorn all you stand for. Play golf!
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