Sam Snead did it.
Side Saddle Putting
By Kickntrue on 9/4/08
I've been hearing more and more about side saddle putting lately. The basic idea is that you face your target and swing the club in a motion similar to the way you would roll a ball at something (think bowling or bocce ball).

Since I average over 2 putts per hole- I'm listening. It makes a lot of sense, at least in theory. Has anyone ever tried this or have any stories, good or bad?

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mrtimb says:
One of the rangers at work putts like this, and swears by it. I haven't tried it myself.
kidputter says:
I turn my shoulders and my feet slightly but not completely sidesaddle.
PapaJoe says:
Sidesaddle works GREAT with a long putter, at least 48-inch! Stand up, relax, relax, relax, and swing the putter along any intended line you feel comfortable with. The longer putter gives you a much larger field of periphereal vision with longer putts, and a closer field of vision with those shorter ones. Try it! You'll like it!
klangdon says:
what kind of putter makes the most sense for this, blade, mallet, or something custom?
new2golf says:
I first learned about it in this book:

GolfGÇÖs Sacred Journey - Links of Utopia

It's a great read. You can find the book at Amazon. For a while it was downloadable for free. I never tried putting like that, but it makes sense. I did play with a guy who putted like that and it worked well for him. His putter was very long, mallet style, center shafted.
puttguru says:
Don't make the shaft too long.
See the suggested shaft lengths on any putter page at:
All about this technique here too.
~the Putt Guru
motomo43 says:
For Klangdon; Google Hammy Putter and read about it. It is a great putter for side saddle putting. There are types of this putter on E-Bay.
joe jones says:
After the worst case of the yips I converted to side saddle in 1970 and have never looked back. While I don't think it's for everyone it might be worth a try. I'm 6'3" so I use a 48" center shafted putter that looks like a branding iron. I find a putter that has an upright shaft angle to be the best for me. Search the internet for side saddle putters for pictures and stroke instructions. Good luck!
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