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More FedExCup Tweaks Needed
By Kickntrue on 9/5/08
ESPN's Bob Harig takes a look at what can still be tweaked to improve the FedExCup for next year. The most common frustration is that the regular season doesn't really matter because you can be the 144th person to qualify for the FedExCup but a win in week 1 of the playoffs will put you in 1st overall. Since it is the playoffs- this makes sense to some degree but there do seem to be some other major scoring flaws.
"Volatility is good, but I think we're rewarding mediocrity," he said. "Cuts-made bothers me. Making a cut isn't anything to be proud of, in my opinion. Playing well, finishing fifth, now there's something to be proud of."

The best example of this is illustrated by Paul Casey, who tied for seventh at the Barclays and then missed the cut at the Deutsche Bank. He earned 3,455 points at the Barclays, none at the Deutsche Bank. Had he finished 70th both weeks, he would have made 4,196 points.
One solution that most players think would be fair is to start with less people. In all other sports only the elite make the playoffs. At 144- almost every PGA Tour exempt player who has played the whole regular season is going to make it.

Small tweaks. It's close. I think what the PGA really needs is a close finish. Having El Tigre as one of the contestants wouldn't hurt either.

Full Story- Bob Harig

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ForeKris says:
i agree with a smaller field. something like: 90, 60, 30.
ForeKris says:
hmm... there are 4 weeks, not 3... 100, 80, 60, 30.
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