LPGA Backs Down
By Kickntrue on 9/5/08
Well... that didn't work. The LPGA has backed down from its English speaking only rule. Women not learning English may still be fined but they will not be suspended.

Just like women... always changing their minds.

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volleyhart says:
I agree with this, although I didn't have a problem with suspension either. Perhaps it's a little harsh, I just don't understand the idea of making my living - often times a very comfortable living - in a foreign land and not feeling it necessary to learn the dominant language. Particularly when the dominant language is always one that's often spoken around the world.

If you're able to speak the language, you make yourself available to fans and endorsers, both of which directly impact your earning potential. Why would you fight this?
theredmission says:
Man I hate that new logo.
birdieXris says:
that is the ugliest damn logo ever isn't it.
falcon50driver says:
Kind of Butchy
Ben Crane says:
Baby got back
ToddRobb says:
It looks like they took the logo from golfpro926's picture.
ToddRobb says:
PCP (politically correct police) IN THE HOUSE! I still think it's a good idea. Suspensions were a bit much from the beginning, it should have been made policy and if they didn't comply, hit em in the purse (if they use one).
ToddRobb says:
Two words,,,CAMILO VILLEGAS! He is the poster child for what the LPGA is trying to do. When he arrived to this country he couldn't speak English, he wins the BMW and absolutely NAILS the interview. His sponsors should be extremely proud to have him as a client. Don't get it twisted, what the LPGA is trying to do is a good thing for all involved.
ToddRobb says:
He mentioned 7 sponsors,(I re-winded and counted) Cobra being the first one. Do ya think they're not happy he learned to speak English?
mattlagolf says:
The lpga is doing the wrong thing, It does not matter if there players can speak inglish, People watch the lpga becouse of how well they play, not if they can speak inglish or not,
Josh says:
Those wimps... I'm somewhat displeased they backed down on this. I thought it was a pretty good idea to be honest. Learning to speak the primary business language of whatever you do is a good idea, even more so if your role places you in the public eye frequently.
TERRY S says:
They should have stuck it out. I believe if a person is going to do ANYTHING in the USA they should have to learn to speak ENGLISH!
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