Wow- nice trophy!
Camilo Wins FedExCup For Vijay
By Kickntrue on 9/8/08
Camilo Villegas won his first PGA Tour event yesterday after shooting a gutsy final round holding off Jim Furyk and Anthony Kim. The victory by Villegas made the final Tour Championship just a big paycheck because the FedExCup now belongs to Vijay Singh. Singh has over $70M in career earnings so a $10M check is a pretty nice bonus- but hopefully next year someone young will put together a couple hot weeks and $10M will be worth freaking out for. These guys win the big check and just smile. I want to see some dancing or something. Vijay didn't even hang around to see the end of the event. I wanted to see him rooting for Camilo down the stretch and jumping around for joy when he won.

Now- on to a more important topic- Camilo Villegas. Guys- shelve your ego's and ladies please chime in freely. Is this dude cool? I see him and he obviously puts a lot of time into his look and you can't really deny that he keeps himself in great shape, so he seems like an automatic Tour heartthrob. That said- sometimes I look at him and just see a wet rat.

Full Story Of Victory

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rcolonna222 says:
Camilo = not cool.

The extra short brimmed hats and extra small shirts? I'm sorry but something about that just doesn't sit right with me. I'll take Anthony Kim or Sergio well before I root for Camilo.

Lose the mullett buddy!
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