Michelle Wie Will Q-School
By Kickntrue on 9/10/08
Michelle Wie will be try to make the LPGA Tour next week by earning a card at Q-School. Her first sectional qualifying event is next week in California. I think many people will agree that this is the first "smart" thing she's done in a long time- maybe in her whole career. The beauty of Q-School is you've got to earn it. If she's playing full-time on the LPGA Tour next year nobody can complain because it will mean she earned it on the course. I love this- and I'm rooting for her. The LPGA needs her to qualify... plus she already knows English so that's good for her too.

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Ben Crane says:
It's about time
kidputter says:
Who cares? Until she proves she has re-adjusted her thinking and mentality toward her craft, I could care less what she does.
mantajim says:
The first smart thing? ha! It's not smart of you when its your only choice. It's dumb of you because you left yourself no choice. But then, not as dumb as not signing your scorecard.
birdieXris says:
I can't wait. She'll either take off like a rocket or be the brightest falling star in the sky.
fattrandy says:
Its interesting to see the disdain as well as the encouragement. Shes just a golfer like the rest of us, and my hat goes off to anyone attempting to better their game. What a reality check when obstacles in life challenge our inner core. Good luck :) we all need it!
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