Bryce McVety was only 7.
Be Careful Folks
By Kickntrue on 9/9/08
When a man attacks another man with a golf club it's somehow funny to me. This tragic accident is not.
Bryce McVety died Friday night after his 7-year-old friend accidentally hit him in the head with the golf club as the two sports-loving, longtime neighborhood buddies practiced their swings.

"These little golf clubs, these steel ones they buy for their kids, that's what took my son's life -- a child's golf club," Jeff McVety said Monday, his voice trembling and barely above a whisper.
In other tragic kids/golf news a 12 year old was killed when he crashed his golf cart on a street.

Both are freak tragic things- but it does remind you 1) how fragile life can be, and 2) that there are dangerous aspects to golf. Honestly, I think I've seen enough golf cart accident death stories in the past year to justify getting rid of the freaking things.

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birdieXris says:
Holy cow. Thankfully, Gramps instilled the "15 feet" rule in me first thing. Don't stand any closer than 15 feet behind the ball when someone is swinging.

The 2nd one isn't setting well with me though. Swerving in a golf cart to avoid a parked car? Golf carts don't go that fast, something was up other than just that i think. There was negligence on someones part. I don't remember the last time i had to (or have seen) someone have to swerve for anything in a golf cart --- other than another moving vehicle.
birdieXris says:
neither of them set well, but it's a black mark on golf and 2 lives that are lost because care wasn't taken. It's a dangerous sport, no 2 ways about it.
falcon50driver says:
Thanks for the 15 foot rule. Children need to learn these kinds of things the first time they are exposed to things that can get them hurt.
kidputter says:
15 feet is great but there should be ADULT supervision. If grownups would wake up and remember that kids are KIDS! They are not little adults. They get distracted by everything. They need guidance and supervision from the time they are born until they are grownups. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Save your kids from stupid accidents by enlightening them of danger. Don't shelter them from it.
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