Askernish Golf Club
By Kickntrue on 9/11/08
Imagine the news if a new painting by da Vinci was discovered. That's kind of what happened with Askernish Golf Club (Scotland)- designed by Old Tom Morris back in 1891.

This is such a bizarre story actually. The course was designed and then forgotten... for decades. Despite years of overgrowth when the right people saw the land they couldn't believe how perfect the turf and layout still were. The past three years volunteers have helped clear fairways and rejuvenate the course to its original state. It officially reopened on August 22, 2008 and is already being called one of the best natural links courses the world has ever seen. Check out the website that has the whole story.

Askernish Golf Club

Thanks to SingleDigits for the heads up.

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klangdon says:
That is pretty crazy. When you click on the membership link on the site, it says it only costs @ $210 for yearly unlimited play?
Kickntrue says:
sure that wasn't Euros or Pounds or whatever they use? if so- it's really something like $4M.
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