How Great Golfers Think
By Kickntrue on 9/12/08
I just finished reading Bob Skura's How Great Golfers Think. I don't think it will win a Pulitzer- but it's good. Bob teaches the mental aspects of golf by wrapping a story around it. It's about a foursome who decides they need work on their mental game and are introduced to "Doc" who guides them through their summer. Their golf games improve and the youngest of the four plays in the US Amateur and tries to earn a trip to Augusta for the Masters.

One smart think Skura does is highlight the tips portion of the book so if you don't want to read the whole story or have to find it in text- it's stands out for you in bold. While the story isn't "gripping" it does make it better than just reading a mental notes book. There will be a couple take aways for me.

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mantajim says:
During last summer's trip to the Big Island of Hawaii, I ran across a small book on the mental side of the golf. Written by Darrin Gee, a pro at the Mauna Kea Resort, the books sub-title is 'Mastering the Mental Game On and Off the Golf Course' Since reading it my overall game has improved. The mental side of the game gets a lot of lip service, but I most often hear the 'darn' side of golf.
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