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Tiger Is Not So Green
By Kickntrue on 9/12/08
Tiger Woods is among the top 25 water abusers in Orange County, Florida. His family of 3 uses an astounding 129,000 gallons of water per month. An average family uses around 10,000 gallons of water per month.

At least Tiger isn't as bad as Grant Hill or Dwight Howard who both use over 200k gallons per month each. What can they use this much water for? I expect that there would be more usage just because the place is bigger- more toilets more faucets, etc., but at some point it boils down to the fact that it's still just a couple people living at this place. Even if they have a cook, nanny and maid (I have no clue- just guessing) that still doesn't account for all of the water. It must be from watering palatial gardens.

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BAKE_DAWG40 says:
You have to be kidding....I could care less how much water he uses. Obviously he pays his water bill each month so he can use as much as he wants. Funny how you never see columns on how much this or that Al Gore uses as he galavants around the globe in his private jet preaching to everyone to cut back to "help save the planet". It's a bunch of bologna. JMO
Shooter Mcgowan says:
tiger's crew is growing weed!
Kickntrue says:
Bake- While I agree 100% about your Al Gore comments- it is a little weak to say that he shouldn't have an social responsibility. One thing not mentioned in this post is that Florida is dealing with a bit of a water crisis. I dont know if that changes your opinion at all. I don't think Tiger should be exempt because he's Tiger.
NWGaEagle says:
If they want to limit it, they could easily raise prices on residential homes that use more than X amount of water.
volleyhart says:
Kickntrue, I agree with you - whether Al Gore is right and we're dealing with global warming (it should be noted that in the 70's, scientists said the earth was *cooling* so who really knows), one benefit from all of this SHOULD be personal responsibility.

I know professors here at Virginia Tech who are absolutely sure that water rights - and availability - will be one of the next great issues we'll see conflicts fought over ... and that will be in OUR lifetime.

I'm all for exposing this kind of usage ...
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Kickntrue & v/hart, I'm not suggesting Tiger should be expempt from anything. First, we have no way to validate the claims made in the blog. Second, why single out Tiger? He is not he only celebrity who owns a dwelling such as this. Most celebritys live outlandish live styles that we could not possibly imagine. Then they have the audacity to suggest the "average" citizen cut back on everything from gasoline to incandescent light bulbs in order to save energy. They use in 2 weeks what we use in an entire year. They are hypocrites. That's my point.
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