Why USA Will Win
By Kickntrue on 9/18/08
ESPN's Rick Reilly tells us why the USA will certainly win the Ryder Cup.

Who do you guys like to take it home? ... Would it change if you had to put money on it?

Rick Reilly

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kidputter says:
I have put money on the USA to win by 3. Got 5-1 odds by giving 2 pts.
grand hawk x22 says:
Our US team of indaviduals can not beat the TEAM from Europe.
kidputter says:
I'm in the money. I'm in the money. I'm in the money, honey.
That's all I know of the song.
JTondreau says:
How does your foot taste Mr. Marshal, you still have some dirty on your mouth
grand hawk x22 says:
no doubt. Open mouth insert foot. Boo Weekly was the key to to makeing a Team out of the us players. Congrats to the USA !!!
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