What a jerk.
Anthony The A-Hole?
By Kickntrue on 9/23/08
I missed this nugget from the weekend's Ryder Cup festivities but it's a good one. Apparently not everyone (Europe) was loving Anthony Kim. Allegedly Kim shoulder barged Ian Poulter after their Saturday match.
It is believed the culprit was Anthony Kim, who led America's rout on Sunday with victory over Sergio Garc+¡a. Kim and Poulter were caught on television exchanging words after they collided during the Englishman's Saturday fourballs match, a game Kim was following. Without identifying the player, Europe's top points-scorer said: "He hadn't played very well and decided to walk around in the afternoon and make his point. As opposed to walking around me as I was walking off the tee, he shoulder-barged through me. It was pathetic. He should grow up. I said: 'That wasn't awfully nice.' I said in the team room: 'Let's use their energy and turn that in our favour.
... And this is why some people think golf is the sport of wussies. The Ryder Cup is the one week where players can actually root against others instead of adhering to all of golf's silly gentleman's rules. So Anthony Kim is a jerk... deal with it. He kicked your ass you big baby.

Of course if this happened the other way around...


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birdieXris says:
Whatever man. A Kim wouldn't be the kind of person to just do that. There were other circumstances i'm sure. What's to keep Poulter from going around him anyway? He makes it sound like AK just followed him with the intent of "shoulder barging" him. WTF does that even mean? like, bumping shoulders? Gimme a break. IF it even did happen that way, Kim probably wasn't even looking around --- hell he didn't even know he won his match, somebody had to tell him, he was so in the zone. Suck it up Poulter, go get some more hair gel and have a pint.
Ben Crane says:
Three sides to every story - yours, mine and the truth
SundayBlues says:
Three things guaranteed in life:

Europeans Bitching about Sportsmanship (When they Lose)
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
I doubt it too. I believe the players on both teams have too much respect for the game to engage in that kind of high school crap. Funny how Poulter waits until he gets on the plane to bring it up to the press. Bringing it up it the team room didn't too much good either. They got stomped! USA!
falcon50driver says:
I liked the way Kim didn't concede the putt to Sergio on 11. After Sergio missed the two footer, his wheels just came off.
golfgirl says:
Anthony Kim is typical 23 year old male and as such he's probably going to want to act badass any time he gets the chance. If you don't like it, it's probably wise to ignore it. He'll grow up eventually. In the meantime he's bringing new fans to golf and at this particular juncture I think we have to appreciate that.
golfguy064 says:
Anthony Kim is the American version of Sergio Garcia. Every European loves Sergio because he gets in the heads of the American golfers, and now American has Anthony Kim to do the same. I think it was very ironic that they were the first match on Sunday, and to see Kim just destroy Sergio was a great way to start the day. Also, I wouldn't concede Sergio any putts, no matter the distance. He is an excellent ball striker, and hits it a mile, but if he could putt, it would just be Tiger and him competing for every tournament title, but he can't, not consistantly anyway.
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