A nice bucket list indeed.
50 Things To Do In Golf
By Kickntrue on 9/23/08
... Before You Die. I found a fun post in the forum of 50 golf related things to do before you die.

Props to Blue_Crush for the post. I don't know if he made these up or found a list somewhere else. I'm not trying to steal material- if so somone let me know and I can link to it. :)

How many of these have you done? I can check off 22 of them.

50 Things To Do in Golf Before You Die
1...attend a PGA golf tournament
2...teach your kids to play golf
3...have a golf picture of you at the home or office
4...shoot over 100 just once
5...play a round with someone famous
6...play on Christmas day
7...play with an old friend again
8...introduce someone new to golf
9...be the 1st persons on the course in the morning
10..join the NCGA/USGA and get your handicap
11..become a golf addict... for awhile
12..own more than one set of clubs or 3 putters
13..play a famous course from the PGA tour
14..wear a set of knickers
15..play in the rain
16..play in a Pro Am
17..play in Hawaii
18..meet a PGA Pro
19..win a Golf Trophy
20..hit a house or a car with a drive
21..call in sick to play a round of golf
22..fall out of a moving golf cart
23..play a round with a few to many drinks
24..buy something that worked awesome
25..buy something cool, only to find out it sucks
26..beat your boss in a round of golf
27..take some lessons and improve your game
28..play in a foreign country
29..spend a week playing golf
30..have a girl beat you
31..visit a golf factory
32..use a golf rule to win a hole
33..go retro and play with some old clubs
34..get beat by one of your kids
35..build a golf club or re-grip one
36..play at night somewhere
37..play 2 or more rounds in one day
38..tell you wife/girlfriend you were at work
39..break or throw a golf club
40..eagle a hole from the fairway or chip
41..loose or win a big bet on the course
42..have a drink with the cart girl
43..play a round of golf in 100+ degrees
44..be hit by a ball or your bag or cart
45..sneak on the back nine to play a round
46..play on a private country club
47..sell all your golf stuff, only to buy all new stuff
48..play a round of golf with your mom or dad
49..have more than a 1000 post on a golf forum

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Josh says:
Does it count if I can check off #23 50 times?
Stymie says:
40 of 48, can not use #2 and 34 don't have any kids
possingk says:
20 of 48 can not use #2 or 34, 4 and 23 I can check off a lot, now if I could add 51 and shoot under 90, I wouldn't care if I got the other 28 on the list.
jerdman says:
Ive done exactly half of them. Plenty of years to do the rest
falcon50driver says:
Guess I can die now.....
nooges says:
44 should be hitting someone with a golf ball instead. I grazed a guy's shoulder at the next tee with my tee shot not too long ago.
falcon50driver says:
Here's a goal that I'm shooting for now. Make an Eagle with every club in the bag. I have one with the 3 wood, 190 yard shot on a par 4. 5wood 175 yard par 3, 7wood 140 yard par 3. 9iron 100 yard shot on par 4. Putter 40 yards from the fairway on a par5. The only other clubs I carry are Driver,6,7,8,PW. Half of them down 5 clubs to go.
M.Nugent says:
20 of 50...
blue_crush says:
thanks, this list I made up awhile back for fun and is my own set of goals. see the forum post to see how they add up, I think I'm 3 short so far, Christmas day, visit a golf factory, A Hole in One.... but theres still time...lol
bshepard says:
37 for me. My goal is 48. I can't imagine doing # 14 or 49.
ToddRobb says:
51. get fired from a job for leaving early to play golf
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