Camilo Doubles Up
By Kickntrue on 9/29/08
Camilo Villegas won the Tour Championship yesterday with a playoff victory over Sergio Garcia. So let me get this straight- Vijay Singh wins the first 2 two FedExCup events and then sucks. Camilo plays well- then wins the final two events of the season including the grand finale but is mathematically eliminated before it starts. Makes sense... NOT.

Meanwhile- Sergio is the one who played the best the entire FexExCup. Could he possibly be more starstruck in 2008?

Now- I know there is more 2008 to go- The Fall Series and all, but now that the "Big Boy" series is over it's interesting to take a look back at what happened. Sergio had his best year to date- despite only winning once. While Tiger's injury was terrible for the sport overall it clearly brought a couple new golfers to the forefront- including Camilo and Anthony Kim. I don't think it's going to be a changing of the guard but it should make 2009 more interesting with Tiger back and a couple young guns who know how to win.

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sindigo says:
Actually, it does make sense. Vijay's ranking was higher than Camilo's when the 4 tournament championship started.

Contrary to the "I can't watch golf without tiger" I watched most of Saturday and Sunday's play. It was great. Camilo made a great comeback yesterday in order to win. Good for him! He seems like a great guy. My wife and I always cheer for the "Spider Man".
klangdon says:
ill second the good golf this weekend. watching sergio, camilo, kim, and mickelson all go head-to-head through 36 holes was pretty fun.
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