Watching Golf Is Safer On TV
By Kickntrue on 9/29/08
I've always said Tiger Woods saved 3 or 4 strokes a weekend just because he has huge galleries to keep his ball in play. Anthony Kim is learning the benefits.
Things went from bad to ... well, scary on the No. 9 tee box. Kim yanked his drive well left and nailed a spectator in the noggin. David Whitfield, 48, had a "crater-like abrasion" on his forehead, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and he ended up leaving the course on a stretcher.

Unsurprisingly, Kim was shaken by the incident, although he wasn't willing to blame it on his third round 72, which included a back-nine 37.

"I thought I killed him," Kim said. "It was an awful feeling to look down and see a golf ball-sized impression in his forehead and it's cut open. It was probably the nastiest thing I've ever seen."
Nasty... yes, but it saves strokes.

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Thanks to Merlin2Driver for the link.

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SingleDigits says:
Yeah, AK saved par that hole. Shot tracker seems to show that Kim pushed his ball to the right, rather than yanking it left per the news article. The fan was 300+ yds from the tee. He'd probably be dead if he was near the tee...
falcon50driver says:
Wow ! I did not know that the fellow was 300 yards down range. You can't even yell Fore that far. And it still had enough steam on it to nearly kill this guy. Impressive.
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