Letting The Big Dog Eat
By Kickntrue on 9/30/08
There are "dog" references throughout a golf experience from the dogleg to the hitting the big dog- for one Massachusetts golf course- an escaped prison guard dog added even more intrigue.
A German shepherd employed by the Essex County Sheriff's Department to keep inmates in line executed a daring escape from his handler's home Thursday night, only to be found hours later among the doglegs at the Beverly Golf and Tennis Club.

Club general manager Jane Ash arrived at work Friday morning to find Urek "hanging around the veranda" and teed off staffers sitting and staying indoors.

"He was a pretty ominous-looking character," Ash said. "I assume he had tags, but no one wanted to get close enough to look."
If you've ever been to one of those police K-9 demonstrations you can imagine how scary this must've been... especially when the cart and maintenance crew showed up. (If you've ever met guy on a golf maintenance crew... you know why.)

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