Paul Azinger To Throw Rays First Pitch
By Kickntrue on 9/30/08
The Tampa Bay Rays are in the baseball playoffs. Paul Azinger is going to throw out the first pitch- exciting. I don't know which would be more boring- turning to the game to see the first pitch by Paul Azinger or turning on the baseball game to watch it. Well- in fairness the Rays didn't really have a lot of choices.

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furrier says:
Will his pitch be with a wedge?
twood says:
Q: What's a sign that your baseball team has absolutely no history?
A: When Paul Azinger is the logical choice to throw out the first pitch at your playoff game.
jdaly says:
Good for him, and good for golf.
pjsnyc says:
How about Jon Gruden throwing out the first pitch...and John Daly catching, lol.
RocketSauce says:
Yes, we have no team history, we are new. every team was new at one point in time. see you all in the World Series!
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