FedExCup Tweaks Needed
By Kickntrue on 10/1/08
The FedExCup is working to provide end of the year excitement for golf and while it is 0 for 2 in drama it's tough to argue the best golfers in the world haven't been at the top of the standings.

There have been a couple of unintended effects though. The Masters and US Open put their weight behind the FedExCup by making a new rule that the 30 who played in the Tour Championship would automatically qualify for the events. The problem is with the new volatile nature of the standings that means someone like Bubba Watson (96th ranked in the world) now qualifies automatically while someone like Padraig Harrington wouldn't. Of course- Padraig will get in on other merits and auto qualifiers but it does mean someone who has played well enough to be around that 30 spot will miss out which seems a little unfair based on 4 events.

Overall, Tour Commish Tim Finchem still sees all the controversy as a positive because it means people are talking about the FedExCup which is more than you could say about September golf 2 years ago.

That may be true- but they better get it figured out next year because I think people will start losing some interest. You can't have the last meaningful event of the year feature Sergio, Furyk and Mickelson and not mean a thing.

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