Q School Cart Is Okay
By Kickntrue on 10/1/08
Erik Compton has had two heart transplants. He's also a pretty good golfer and the PGA gave him permission to use a cart in Q-School.
Just four months after the second heart transplant of his life, the former Georgia All-American learned that officials have granted his request to use a cart during qualifying school to earn his tour card. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel first reported the story Tuesday on its Web site.

Erik Compton, shown in an April 2007 tournament, is getting back into competitive golf.

"I feel really good about the news," Compton said, according to the Sun-Sentinel. "It takes a lot of stress off me, and it gives me a realistic chance."

Compton told the newspaper that he has also been granted a waiver to use a beta blocker, which is on the PGA Tour's list of banned substances, because he needs it as part of his medication protocol.
I'm mixed on this one. It feels a lot like Casey Martin all over again. On one hand the guy has overcome a lot of things to get this far- but my fear is that if he does make it through Q-School the PGA Tour is still not going to let him play with a cart and then where did this get him?

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