Timberlake Transforms Course
By Kickntrue on 10/1/08
Entertainer Justin Timberlake is working on revitalizing a golf course he saved from development last year by making it one of the "greenest" in the US. The reason Timberlake is involved is because the site of the course- just outside of Memphis, Tennessee, is where as a boy his father first taught him how to hit a golf ball.

The new course will be called Miramichi Lakes and will open in October. It will be the first LEED-certified golf course in the United States. Now, I don't know what "LEED-certified" really means except that it is "ultra-green."

I initially thought Justin Timberlake's involvement in golf seemed pretty flaky and superficial- but the more I read shows that he really does seem to dig it. Plus- I'm jealous that he's rich enough to play all the time. He's a single digit handicapper so he's no joke.


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georgelohr says:
Thank you JT for saving a golf course. The last thing we need are more houses people cannot afford to buy. Golf courses seem to be the best use of stray land. I hope he starts some youth programs there too.
RocketSauce says:
i saw him play on that US Open special on tv a few months ago, and he really didnt look like a single digit handicapper to me. but, who knows? maybe he is. Glad hes doing a good thing for golf though.
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