Ike blasting one from the trap!
Blast From the Past- President Ike Eisenhower
By Kickntrue on 12/11/06
Check out this article on GolfDigest.com from 1953 by John Fitzpatrick. It talks about the boom of golf in Washington DC, led by President Ike Eisenhower. It's a quick read, and fun to just take a look back- and see how the game has grown and changed from then.

See the Article!

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falcon50driver says:
So, Ike shot low ninties, high eighties, hmmm,maybe I could be President.
Kickntrue says:
ummm.. not sure about that logic- though using it, maybe I'm Rick Reilly.
falcon50driver says:
Who's Rick Reilly?
Kickntrue says:
Is that a joke? The first thing I did was went to make sure I spelled his name correctly- ha.

I can't tell if you were being funny. If not- you should check him out- sportsillustrated.cnn.com/inside_game/archives/r

He has a couple awesome books on golf. It's his favorite topic.
golfray says:
I know i'm hard on your spelling, you haven't forgotten the Brian Nelson incident. I'm just not as knowlegable about authors as you are. I'm not a writer, I'm a pilot, although my mother still thinks I play a piano in a whorehouse, I don't have the nerve to tell her the truth.
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