Arnie the yeoman
Arnie Talks Politics
By Kickntrue on 10/2/08
Arnold Palmer accepted an award this week at an event recognizing sea-service vets who distinguished themselves in later life. Palmer was a Coast Guard yeoman and thinks he's a better person for it. In fact- Palmer said he thinks every American should be required to serve their country in some capacity when they're young.
If he were in charge, he said, "every young person would serve a year in our services."

Whoa -- was he calling for the draft? We pried him from the post-dinner mob for a second. Not the draft, he said, but "a requirement -- you can do your service whenever you want." Then he gave us a sort of thumbs-up and a solid eye-contact wink and moved on.
I'm glad this is coming from someone who at least served. While I'm not sure Palmer qualifies any better politically- it sure beats listening to crap that actors and entertainers spew.

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