D U C K !!!
Dude Is Getting Better
By Kickntrue on 10/2/08
Remember the guy who got whacked in the head by Anthony Kim's golf ball at the Tour Championship? He's getting better.
The ball hit Whitfield above his right eyebrow, and he said the ricochet grazed the back of his wife's head.

Whitfield said he's still a little sore, and that his eye is swollen. He said he's actually fairly lucky.

"I got hit in the right place," said Whitfield, who sells real estate at Sugarloaf Country Club. "If I had been hit anywhere else it would have torn my face all to pieces."

A doctor who was standing next to Whitfield made him lay down, while he put pressure on the wound. Whitfield was taken to DeKalb Medical. Doctors there put eight stitches under the skin, and then glued it back together.

Kim gave Whitfield's wife a signed ball that said "Sorry for the hook, Anthony Kim," as well as a signed glove. Whitfield said he has the ball on his desk at home.
The real question I have is- how did Kim have enough room on the ball to write, "Sorry for the hook, Anthony Kim"? Get out a ball and Sharpie and try to make that work legibly.

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