John Daly Not Done
By Kickntrue on 10/3/08
John Daly is hoping sponsors and fans will give him one last chance. He may be playing in Europe in 2009 but he's not quitting. Daly blames a rib injury for most of his struggles lately and is re-focusing his efforts in becoming the golfer he once was, or at least a part of that. His only set event for 2009 is the British Open for which he is exempt for his win years ago. He hopes sponsors exemptions will get on events all over the world where he hopes to regain his form.

No matter what happens- this is pretty cool:
One definite stop next year will be Turnberry, site of the 2009 British Open. And he doesn't plan on going alone. Daly is auctioning the opportunity to join him in an effort to raise money for St. Jude's Children Hospital and the autism education program at Western Kentucky University's Clinical Education Complex.

The trip for three will include private jet to the tournament, the chance to play 18 holes at a local course with Daly, accommodations at Daly's villa and four passes to the clubhouse during the tournament. Bids can be submitted at
I do think people are getting pretty tired of John Daly, but we're not there yet. I'll be rooting for him in any event he tees it up in 2009.

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jdaly says:
Wow, that picture reminds me of a photo of an ailing Babe Ruth, sans the pin stripes, saying goodbye to the fans.

Yeah, I'm still rootin' for him, too.
SilkySmoothFlatStick says:
John needs to take this time to go out on a good and respectable note. So far, his life has been circus of ridicule and bad choices for a man with a dwindling talent such as his.

We wish you the best John. Stop drinking, quit smoking, get some rest.....and check the ex-wife into a rehab for anger management.
blue_crush says:
you know what, AA is for quitters and John is no its all that diet coke crap thats bad. JOHN try a new drink, Mt DEW... and he needs to get as far away from all his X's as possible for sure.

the think the Euro tour would be good for him. I'm still rootin for him too. then again I still think Micheal Wei has a
birdieXris says:
Daly needs to strait up lose some weight be get back on the horse that is practicing golf. Get your atleticism back, john, health will come with it.
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