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Renting By Golf Course
By Kickntrue on 10/3/08
We've seen the scenerio before- a house on a golf is pelted with golf balls and the owners complain, but what if you rent? While it's easy to say, "look the owners knew they were buying on a golf course- they should expect some golf balls," but when the house is rented it is a different experience and expectation.

Someone wrote a Chicago Tribune help columnist about their legal recourse. I thought it was an interesting twist on the situation. Turns out in some cases you have a right to break your lease and leave the landlord hanging on payment. "In some cases" being the key- you still knew you were renting on a golf course.


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falcon50driver says:
What is the advantage of living on a golf course? I can't think of any. Strangers walking in your back yard. Balls denting your car, house, people. View? Big deal! It's just a nicely mowed lawn. Instant access? Not worth the other hassles, besides I'd get tired of playing the same course over and over.
blue_crush says:
hahahahaha, thats cause your not 70 yet, once the memory goes your playing that new course everyday and you don't have to drive a car to get
falcon50driver says:
At least then I'll be able to hide my own Easter eggs..
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