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Golf Lingerie Is Costly Turn-On
By Kickntrue on 10/6/08
A European designer has decided to combine mens' two favorite things- golf and lingerie. Mio Destino which must be mean "ridiculously hot" has put together a bra and panty set aimed straight at the hearts (and wallets) of golfers.

The top goes for about 200 Euros and the panties at 100 Euros. All together I think that's something like $1000 dollars- or will be by next week or so.

Obviously, I'm all for this though at a discounted price would be nice. For $600 I'll buy a new driver and let her be naked... which I think is still free.

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TheBrownCrayon says:
Let's be realistic, to get that girl naked would not be free for about anybody.
blue_crush says:
must be some kind of euro ProV 1 for that price,
at least they got her to shave her arm pits....
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