Tiger Will Be Better In '09
By Kickntrue on 10/8/08
I have good news for golf fans- bad news for the rest of the PGA Tour. Tiger Woods says he will be even better in 2009 than before because now he can actually use his left side. That should be interesting. I have to call BS on this a bit. I know he has to say the right things- and he will still come back strong but I can't imagine that Tiger will have his best year ever in 2009. My early prediction is 0 majors and maybe 2 or 3 wins (also known as Sergio this year- which was his best ever).

He is also creating his third golf course- this time in Mexico. Each of the 18 holes will have a view of the ocean.

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blue_crush says:
rumors has it that tigers new ACL from the cadaver is giving him problems seems the dead guy had a wicked slice and tiger is having trouble keeping it in the fairway and this will have been his 4th operation on that knee and anything could happen. will see, the fat lady hasn't even rehearsed the song yet...
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