Boo Weekley On Leno
By Kickntrue on 10/8/08
I found this 7 minute clip of Boo Weekley on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno from a couple days ago. Boo his hilarious and I just can't see someone not liking him.

I found this at If you are not reading his site at least weekly you are missing out. Great stuff.

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klangdon says:
watch it until the end. its worth the story about lost keys.
ForeKris says:
HAHAHAHAH!!!! that is funny and gross all at the same time!
jonkarn says:
Just goes to show, you don't have to be that swift to be a great golfer
dave77x says:
Milton's finest. Get'r'dun.
TheBrownCrayon says:
Seriously, any future GOW's, think about this before you list Tiger as your favorite golfer.
kidputter says:
I don't know which is worse. The fact that he went into the toilet to fetch his keys, or the fact that he seemed GENUINELY PROUD of the fact. Sorry, I have a problem with Americans in general being represented by someone like him. He came off as illiterate, ignorant, and just plain uncouth. Funny yes. Good golfer? Absolutely. Guy I want speaing in public as a representative? I think not.
blue_crush says:
then I take it you didn't like Caddyshack either.
Carl, Ty, Judge Smails, Al Czervik...
life can't always be serious sometimes we just need to laugh and smile....
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