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Kim Jong-il: Best Golfer in the World
By Kickntrue on 12/11/06
This is from a couple years ago- but it's too good not to post. North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il is the best golfer in the world, hands down. On his first ever trip to the golf course, he shot 38-under par, including 5 hole-in-ones! This is reported by the government controlled media. He routinely shoots 3 or 4 hole-in-ones every time out.

Their is only one course in North Korea and it plays to about 7,700 yards, making Jong-il's feat even more impressive. 38-under par on a course longer than almost any in the US = NOT BAD!

Just for fun- it is also important to note that the N. Korean media also reports that Jong-il bowled a perfect game-300, on his first time out bowling!

At about 5'3" and wearing that crazy jump suit of his, this is all very impressive.

Read the full story HERE!

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falcon50driver says:
No wonder he got to be the grand Poo Bah.
klangdon says:
I wonder if something like this is just completely made up or if he just cheats real bad... Like does he score a 120 and then just tell the media something else, or does he have goons hiding in the woods that roll balls out onto greens (and in the hole)?

I checked, he hasn't registered any of his scores with the USGA...
Kickntrue says:
My guess is that he has never even swung a club. I was actually discussing this with my wife last night.

It is so sad to think we live like we do- and some people are still so oppressed in this world that they are FORCED to believe this. With no courses and no real golf exposure, they have to take the media reports as true.
falcon50driver says:
Probably like the blowhard that told me "yeah I got a hole in one,one time ,it was a par 3, last hole of the day, with the green right below the club dining room window, so everyone eating dinner got to see it. I've never seen a course end with a par 3, much less with clubhouse glass behind it.
klangdon says:
I don't think the people really believe it all. I think they are just forced to act like they do in public. Questioning anything could lead to death.

One reason that Kim Jong Il has never played on any course other than his home one, is that he is afraid to fly. He has only gone to international meetings in China and Russia and travelled by train in both cases...
Kickntrue says:
I'm not sure I agree. I think they are possibly so oppressed they really do believe him. Even if they hate him- and his rule and what it means to their lives.

Think about it, most of these people have probably never seen any real golf- if they even know what it is at all. If their leader says that he can do something- a something which they have NO intelligent knowledge of, why would they not believe?
klangdon says:
Im just thinking that they all have bodies and they have to understand athleticism, strenth, etc. Any person with abilty to think logically should be able to look at the dudes picture and say, "hey this guy isn't an athlete."
JWHpurist says:
"The Only Hole In One", this "Gentleman" is entitled to receive is a .308 entrance hole in the upper left thorax @ 400 meters delivered by a 200 gr. Sierra Match King! See if Snyper knows what I'am talking about!! JWHpurist
mmontanaro says:
This is what communism is all about. They really don't care what the rest of the world thinks of them, all they care about is what their people think. And what their people think is tightly controlled.
zach.ptrsn says:
This is all wrong. Kim Jong-iI is the North Korean leader. Kim Jong-II is the athlete. How can you mix this up? But I guess it wouldn't be the first time if a politician lied. But we'll give it to him. Good work Supreme leader of North Korea, Chairman of the National Defense Commission, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, the Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army. It totally makes sense that you rock at golf. Congrats!
props123 says:
You guys are all so negative. I believe the report about the golfing and bowling. In fact I saw him fly over my house the other day without the aid of an airplane. He then landed in the ghetto and played ball with local thugs. He scored everytime he got the ball. I then saw him help a stranger fix his Galaxy 500 collector car WITHOUT USING HIS HANDS OR WRENCHES. After that he and I went to a 5 Star restaraunt where he taught the chefs to cook and squeezed grapes for our wine. He is quite a little tiny guy. Very talented.
ElGalloGigante says:
It's a shame he didn't play on his country's World Cup team; Portugal would have gotten smoked.
legitimatebeef says:
We all know about Kim Jong-Il's human rights violations, the possible nuclear stockpiling and general douchebaggery and lack of diplomacy etc,, but lying about golf scores? And not even in a remotely realistic way? For me that is just as despicable as all the other stuff.
coojofresh says:
this is what the title should be, Kim Jong-il: Biggest Douche Bag in the World
activesense says:
KJI looks like a woman
dottomm says:
I read somewhere about a NK golf course where one Par 3 green is shaped like a funnel. Get it on the green and it's guaranteed to go in. If I was the supreme leader I would demand this of all putting greens.
toopyb says:
Kim Jon Il and his propaganda piss me the hell off. I'm going to go watch Pawn Stars
mrrodger says:
And to think, all this time on TV I've been watching hacks like Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods
guiltyme says:
No I swear He did It was at the mini putt putt centre around the corner from his house. and here you are putting the poor bugger down, Shame on you. you people should know that him and Muammar al-Gaddafi get together once a month to play.
rmumph1 says:
How does someone so small become so powerful? What stops the big guy in the room from taken him out? Can his people really enjoy how he rules.
bobhooe says:
it's in their blood man, i have yet to meet a Korean golfer that couldnt break par. They do play a bit slow.
TeT says:
Its the jumpsuit... I am going out for my golf round in one of my Grandfathers old Dickie jump suits today. I fully expect to shoot a 78 which is 20 strokes below my average...
simple_don says:
Having a height of 5'3" is actually an advantage in striking the ball with precision... and in his case, it is swinging a driver and striking the trigger on the bottom of the mortar-tube that fires a golf-ball 560 yards down the fairway and into 9600 square foot net that empties into a 40-foot diameter hole (with a 4" perimeter of green). He would have scored a 56 under par if it weren't for all the pigeons and seagulls flying about. (He should have played at night.)
lifethroughmylens says:
It's true...I should know I purchased a green jumpsuit and it gave me super human golf powers, One hit and the ball bounced from hole to hole...Yup I got 1 over..well 1 shot...yeeeey I should rule a country and brain wash my poeple.
aondek says:
It's possible. Except there's probably a unit of measure conversion problem... his course measures 7,700 inches (that's about 11 yds per hole). Mini-golf at it's best.
Torleif Sorenson says:
ElGalloGigante: 1000 points. Great line.
KicknTrue: You're right -- think of how many children have grown up thinking only what they have been taught by this monster's regime. All they know is living in a tightly-controlled police state.

"Socialism is a real danger to golf and in fact every other game. A succession of governments with socialistic ideas, piling up increased taxes and rates on golf courses, have already retarded materially the growth of golf in Britain. Socialism is a policy of destruction and not construction. History has proved many times that it can only lead to misery and destitution."
— Dr. Alister MacKenzie (1870-1934), British medical doctor and renowned golf course architect
noahfence says:
This is such a scary statement and tell so much about the persons mindset of i will lie to you and screw you if you don't believe me. It makes me4 think he is certainly a guy who would push a nuclear button if losing a war. As for merlin comments, I have played a few courses with a par 3 on the 18th and Newlands has a glass clubhouse right behing the green. It is wacthing people hit into the green as you dine and it is far enough back that it's in no real danger of being hit.
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