FedEx Fix
By Kickntrue on 10/13/08
Here is the best FexExCup fix I've heard yet.
How to fix the FedEx Cup playoffs and ensure drama at the playoff finale? The best plan: Play the Tour Championship on Wednesday-Saturday and award the tournament winner the trophy and $1.26 million check. Then the top four players in FedEx Cup points at that point start from scratch and play 18 holes Sunday for the current mega-bonuses, including $10 million for first.
Sounds pretty amazing to me. Can you imagine the ratings on Sunday in what would essentially come down to a 4 man playoff for all the marbles? This year that would've been Phil, Sergio, Camilo and Vijay. Sounds pretty exciting to me!


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saintsman says:
theredmission says:
Ticket prices to that round would just be obscene.
goosel7 says:
what if it was done tuesday thru friday and the top for had a match play bracket
shathorn says:
I think you have to stay with the stroke play format and the best man wins. Moving to a match play setup could lend itself more to one player than another since steady as she goes doesn't win match play. It lends itself to the big risk/reward play- not the normal tour play.
goosel7 says:
it would be a lot more interesting to the viewer i think
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