Olympic Golf Closer To Realization
By Kickntrue on 10/17/08
Golf is one of 7 sports being considered for 2 spots for the Olympics starting in the 2016 games.

Other sports being considered are baseball, karate, roller sports, rugby sevens, softball and squash. Seems like golf should have a good chance to beat some of those out though I must say Olympic squash and rollerskating would be fun.

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roger7485 says:
Looking at the list, I think you could assume Baseball and Softball wont be reinstated so quickly. And the reason they were thrown out is because of American dominance/lack of world participation. Golf has some of the better global appeal compared to squash and rugby. So if I had to pick 2 that made it in Id probably say Golf and Karate.
theredmission says:
My guess is karate will get one of the spots as for the other, it will probably be a tight race I'd say it comes down to either golf or squash.
mrtimb says:
So rollerskating is a sport now? wtf?! I'd rule out softball and baseball since they just got trashcanned, and I bet since a majority of the world other than us plays rugby, it will get in. Matters not to me. Since the Olympics have gone the way of sending pro-athletes instead of amateurs, they don't interest me near as much.
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