Tiger Vs The Shark
By Kickntrue on 10/20/08
Steve Williams has proved to be quite a treat this summer. He said in a recent interview that he think Greg Norman was as talented as Tiger. The difference in his opinion is how they handle bad shots.

Williams does have great perspective on this since he has caddied for both players. Of course- what he's actually saying could probably be said for a good number of players on Tour. Tiger's mental game is so strong that he recovers and bounces back- but these guys are all amazing professionals whose good shots are all very good.

As a side note to this whole thing- is how much we've been hearing from Stevie this summer with Tiger out. You almost wonder if while in Team Tiger Camp he's not allowed to talk but now he's getting his chance. So far he's certainly said nothing negative or hurtful but I can't imagine Tiger wants his caddie to do much than stay in the backgroud cashing huge checks. I think that's probably one of the reasons he switched to Williams over Fluff early in his career.

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mattlagolf says:
those are not tiger's real clubs, he playes muscel back blades!
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