It's Tiger- So It Must Be News
By Kickntrue on 10/22/08
Tiger Woods talked yesterday!!! OMG!!! BTW- he still doesn't know when he's going to play. TTFN.

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kidputter says:
His realistic goal is End of March. WOW!!! Can the PGA survive another 5 months without him? Great golfer, granted. Press and publicity have done with him, the same as was done with Michael Jordan and Brett Favre. Playing against average to above average players would make ANY great player seem to be THE BEST EVER. I would choose Nicklaus over him, Chamberlain over Jordan and a dozen QBs over Favre.
falcon50driver says:
Well said dave
furrier says:
In some order, my top 3 golfers would probably have to be Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, and E.Woods. For basketball, there are probably 10-15 players who could reasonably make the top 5 all-time. In football, Favre is likely in the top 10-15 QBs all-time, but it would be hard to argue him into the top 5.
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