Erik Compton Is Tougher Than You
By Kickntrue on 10/23/08
Erik Compton most likely won't be playing any PGA Tour events in 2009- but that doesn't make his story any less amazing. Compton is playing golf at Q-School in Florida just 14 weeks after receiving the 3rd heart of his life. He takes dozens of pills daily just to stay alive- and manages to be a top notch human (not to mention golfer) on the side.

Compton says if he doesn't make the PGA Tour he's not going to give up his dreams just yet. He may try to qualify on Mondays before tournaments or play on the Canadian Tour.

Erik Compton

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sindigo says:
What a great story and a true inspiration. Good luck Eric!!
Gabe Kapler says:
no your not tougher than me
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