Health Benefits Of Golf
By Kickntrue on 10/24/08
Beyond what the title looks like, I promise this will not be a boring post. You'll want to click a few of the articles and watch the clip.

I think one of the best "excuses" to go golfing is that it does have some health benefits. One of the best is the cardiovascular workout you get, especially from walking. Going hand in hand with the cardio is the fact that it can help lower blood pressure- which for many of us is a HUGE deal. Again- these are mostly benefits that work best when you walk. You can read all about that kind of stuff here. Remember to put a couple of these to memory for next time you catch flack for heading out to the course.

Now the fun stuff... What happens if you just can't walk the course? The good news is there is still enough walking that golf is good for you- but you DO have another outlet to reduce your blood pressure. You just need to feel free to LET IT RIP. Feel free to take this one home to the wife and use it at home as well.

Finally- here is what can happen if you don't let golf relieve your stress. Quagmire proves it can actually raise your blood pressure if you do it wrong.

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mattlagolf says:
kidputter says:
I've played with that guy before! Great to see that political correctness doesn't apply to cartoons.
Lucky47 says:
I've played a few rounds with that guy too. This is when I look at the scenery.
srhise says:
i love this website
birdieXris says:
i agree, white man shouldn't play sports in the first place.
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