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Golf And The Economy
By Kickntrue on 10/27/08
It is a pretty common belief that the down economy is going to cause a lot of discretionary spending to be more carefully accounted for. It seems reasonable to think that golf would be one thing that suffers- but is it really?

For one of the biggest golf tourism areas- Mytle Beach and Hilton Head Island in the Carolinas it is.
November, along with October, is usually one of the biggest months of the year at Island West. But with travelers booking golf rounds with shorter and shorter notice, Sickich has no real idea how next month will turn out.

"It's not catastrophic at this time, but it's still alarming," he said. "The golf economy hasn't been good anyway."

Nationally, the number of rounds played is dropping, in part because of an aging golf population, said Borton. He added that people's schedules are also much busier, and it's sometimes difficult to fit in the four or five hours needed to play a weekend round.

Hilton Head Island isn't the only vacation destination seeing a golfing decline this year. Myrtle Beach-area courses are reporting about an 8 percent drop in rounds played this year over last year.
It isn't all terrible though- group bookings are still strong and one good thing about destinations like Myrtle Beach is that most people come by car. With gas prices coming down again an area like Myrtle Beach could become a favorable vacation alternative for those who want a vacation but are tight on money.

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