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Get Your Hinnie Out Of Here!
By Kickntrue on 10/28/08
An Iowa golf course had two strange visitors a few weeks ago- Hinnies. Some of you more cultured folk may not have to Wikipedia what that means- but for the greater group here it goes:
A hinny is a domestic equine hybrid which is the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey (called a jennet or jenny). It is similar to the more common mule, but mules are the product of a female horse and a male donkey.
Why were they on the Primghar Golf and Country Club? Police speculate that the harder economic times made them impossible to keep fed so the owners let them run free. Nobody has claim the Hinnies yet and they may be going up for auction.

Maybe oob needs a mascot!

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Wikipedia- Hinnies

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kidputter says:
Now I know my ex mother-in-law's ancestory. Thanks OobGolf.
falcon50driver says:
When I was in the Army, we had a mule for a mascot. One day the mule died. Two privates were assigned the task of burying the animal. They were arguing about whether it was a mule or a donkey. About that time, the Chaplain walked by, They asked "Chaplain, Is this a mule or a donkey?" He said "My sons, according to the scriptures, It's an Ass"....A few minutes later, an army nurse walked up and said "Hi boys, what are you digging? A Foxhole?...They said.... "Not according to the Scriptures"
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