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Korea Loves Virtual Reality Golf
By Kickntrue on 10/28/08
Over 300,000 Koreans play golf on simulated screens as opposed to heading out to the expensive courses. They can play night or day, cold or hot- and choose from over 50 courses when they arrive at the golf screen cafes. It is much less expensive than playing "real" golf and takes less time.

With the fascination in the USA with video games and golf I'm surprised this hasn't taken off more. Certainly the facilities exist but they haven't caught on as a "cafes" or social events. I'd personally rather do that than go bowling- and I love bowling.

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kidputter says:
There are 2 within 25 miles of me here in AZ. Crosswoods Golf simulator. Driving and fairway shots are good. Putting and sand shots are not as realistic.
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